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Utah FanX

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Road Trip! Ya'll Utah FanX was totally amazing. We had our share of hiccups on the way there but the place was packed with every kind of Nerdy fun you're nerd heart could want! Keep reading to hear all about it!

Adventure Awaits!

Ian and I packed up our stuff the night before and managed to get a few hours of sleep in before leaving at five that morning. First stop, you guessed it! Coffee. Lots of coffee. We had quite the adventure with a scare about the hotel room that I had booked six months earlier (spoiler alert, they didn't have the room anymore!) and so we spent a lot of time trying to sort that out but between the phone calls, there were miles of rolling hills and a beautiful sunrise. We had breakfast at a cute little diner in Wyoming and as the hills gave way to mountainous curves, our excitement grew.

Along with the excitement, a little nervousness. Ya'll, I'm a planner and a budgeter so the room falling through made me uneasy. I had been asked to get a vendor booth instead of being in artist alley because I sold stickers as well as prints and it was almost twice the price would it be worth it?

We did manage to get a room with the help of a friend and we made it there in one piece and had a good night's sleep. The morning was crazy with parking and set up and finding our spot but then the fans started showing up and ya'll, that's what makes it.

All set up...

All the nervousness seemed to start to fade to the background and it was just that fun, comic con family feeling you get from fans who recognize you to new people to amazing cosplay and just all of us being united by our love of all things nerdy.

And you guys would never believe the sheer amount of creative cosplayers, the crazy talented artists and vendors there were. There was literally everything you could imagine to make your inner geek happy. We had amazing food and met really cool people and had so much fun!

On day two, since our neighbor didn't show up, we got an extra booth for free and were able to spread out a bit which was awesome. We had some people come up to us and show us the stuff they had bought from us at a previous event and were interviewed by some podcasters. I really hope we can make it out again next year.

If you went too, let me know all about it in the comments! I'd love to hear from you guys! Until next time, Utah!

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