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This is Me!

Hi there! I'm Amy, a Colorado-based artist and graphic designer trying to make it happen. Thanks for stopping by! If you're reading this, I'm guessing you'd like to know more about me so here we go.


I was educated at the Art Institute of Pittsburg where I studied Graphic Design, After college, I was recruited by one of my professors to work for her Branding firm, Barrcode Branding and I wear many hats there. But that doesn't stop me from doing the occasional freelance design project.


I absolutely love to draw and I'm about as big a nerd as you can find so I create comic book-esque pop culture fan art and nerdy stickers, magnets and pins that I sell at comic cons and game shops. Need something commissioned? Hit me up! I'm just an email away!



Welcome! Scroll on down and find out what I'm all about!


My Best Side

Upcoming Events

  • SoCo Comic Con
    SoCo Comic Con
    Sat, Oct 07
    Oct 07, 7:00 PM
    Pueblo, 1001 Beulah Ave, Pueblo, CO 81004, USA
    Oct 07, 7:00 PM
    Pueblo, 1001 Beulah Ave, Pueblo, CO 81004, USA
    You don't want to miss this amazing show! Come and see it!

What Clients Say

"She is so incredibly talented!!!! She also is very unique and creative." - Heidi Lytle (facebook)
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